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Hi Everyone!

Sometimes you don’t need a motor home or RV to enjoy the great outdoors.  This weekend I set up the tent in the back and slept out.  It was an unusually cool weekend. The tree frogs were sounding pretty loud;  it sounded like several groups took turns with their chorus.  I enjoyed peering up at the night sky and seeing the scattered clouds and stars mixed in with some tree branches.  I topped off my “camping” experience with leisurely reading Nascar for Dummies!  I sat out near several of the bird feeders.  The hummingbirds had a tag team going. It seems they work in pairs to route the others off of “their” feeders. The gold finches are so pretty this time of year.  A cardinal pair showed up (our state bird) for a brief appearance. A chickadee sat at the small feeder ( I just love that name!)  I saw another bird I could not identify. It was black except  for a downy white underneath side. It was a slender bird and about the size of a bluebird. I looked for it on e-nature and could not find it.  Oh well, I will keep my eyes open.  Along with the birding, I am building my NASCAR expertise!  I don’t even want to go into how little I knew until now. That would be highly embarrassing!  I will be ready for the next race. It was a beautiful weekend camping out at Yates Family Camping! Take Care! Cyndi

Fieldcrest Cannon Stadium

Kannapolis Intimidators vs. Augusta Greenjackets


July 25, 2009

Wow! We went with a friend and his son to the game last night.  This was the first time I have ever been to see the Intimidators (the team name changed from the Boweavils). It was pretty hot until the sun went down and then it could not have been nicer.  The first thing I noticed other that the loud amplifier, was that it was a really nice looking facility and clean although I did notice some peanut shells from the game the night before.

Our seats were directly behind the Augusta dugout on the first row. There were lots of families in attendance and groups such as the Boy Scouts and a gymnastics group. The whole experience was fun. The tidbits of music in between the action would keep you attentive. Of course, you needed to be on your toes in case a foul ball came your way! (If you caught one, you could trade it for a “fair” ball to the Cabarrus County fair in September.)  There were lots of games like musical chairs and dancing competitions for the little ones during the field changes.

The Intimidators have a schedule posted and we were lucky enough to attend on a fireworks show night. It was really spectacular and up close! All types of food and beer were at the concessions. There was a playground and that night they had the blow up slides and jumping apparatus for the little fans. The souvenir shop was doing a great business. (I couldn’t help but notice that the broken game bats were going for $10).

One time the promoters were giving away Pizza Hut pizzas. The whole time they were doing that a song was playing – OOOh OOOh Domino!  Too funny! The young girl who sang the national anthem did a fantastic job. You sure can’t judge a book by its cover!

The game was pretty interesting even though it wasn’t even a close one. The ending score was 11-4. There was a disputed call during the 1st inning. We thought the Augusta player did catch the ball without it touching the ground. Of course the coach had to go out and show his stuff to the umpire. In one of the early innings, one of their players got tossed out. I think he may have thrown his bat on a strike out. He started complaining to the ump and was made to leave. He had to walk out the gate at the back corner of the outfield (just where the Intimidators pitching staff were located!) So that was pretty dramatic. The game was pretty close until one inning and then Augusta left the Intimidators in the dirt. After a few more innings, it was pretty much a sure bet that the Intimidators would not win. I think everybody was just hoping it was over so the fireworks could start! They cut all the lights out and the firework display was gorgeous!

It was a perfect ending to a great night at the ballpark.


Verizon Amphitheater

Kid Rock and Lynyrd Skynyrd

July 26, 2009


We had lawn seating and it was a sold out show.  We really lucked up because this was the only night it didn’t rain for over a week (it did actually start raining after the show). Skynyrd opened for Kid Rock.  As Roaul remembers it – they were pretty rough.  They used to be a 3 lead guitar band and now it sounded like they was down to 1. Roaul attributed that to a lot of their problems.  Kid Rock put on a great show and everything sounded good.  He can really work the crowd.  I would have had a better time if I hadn’t been so tired.  I kind of feel bad since I was not as much fun for our friends, Stephanie and Chris who treated us to the show. Of course we showed up early and had a tail-gate party and after the show, we stayed in the parking lot until the traffic dissipated.  There was one guy who was lost from his friend and he kept hollering “Bill”. The Verizon staff was not at all helpful to him.  It was raining and we felt bad for him – even though it was kind of funny. It didn’t take any time to get back to the house. Stephanie’s son and friend came along and they seemed to really have a good time too. They were staying in our camp ground in their motor home specifically for the concert. Thank you Stephanie and Chris for everything – we enjoyed it even though I was pretty tapped out. Hope to see you guys soon!


August 22, 2009

Wow – its a little slow this weekend wih school starting next week.  The Jonas Brothers  and Alan Jackson were in town last night but after that – there are not any big events scheduled. Of course there is still lots to do. Just check out the attractions tab on our home page.  Next month promises to be jam packed with fun and exciting events in our area. Below is a sampling!

You can check the calendar of events for more details.  The Carolina Panthers are in town playing Baltimore. The Yiasou Greek Festival is truly a feast – Be sure to get there really early or check out the website for information on how to pick up to-go orders. The Food Lion Auto Fair is right at our front door at Lowes Motor Speedway.  It is a huge display of all things “auto”.  The Cabarrus County Fair is a straight shot north of here on Highway 49. It is an old fashioned fair with lots of entertainment scheduled nightly.  Check out some of the fried food offerrings! Not too many though as you will probably want to ride some of the amusement rides.  It normally has a neat array of farm animals. My suggestion is if you would like to see the animals is to go early in the week as with this hot weather, it can get a little too fragrant! We are personally looking forward to the drag races at the Belagio of drag strips – the zMax.  It is a LOT of fun.  It is just around the corner from Yates Family Camping. It is LOUD – so bring earplugs or headphones. It is a four day event with the night races to be the coolest and most spectacular.  You can see motorcycle drags, funny car drags and top fuel drags.  It is a super nice facility and

reasonably priced.  Young people like it too. Then there is Festival in the Park at Freedom Park in Charlotte.  It is another one of those “get there early” deals. It has been going on since 1969 and is a lot of fun also. It features art displays and a lot of hand made items for sale.  A side walk encircles the lake. Dogs are not allowed at the festival. There are also music performances and shows. A good selection of food vendors are located at the main entrance and a few more are located at the opposite end of the lake. The Carolina Raptor Center is usually there with a few live specimens. There is a lot to see. I have been to the UNCC International Festival years ago and remember it as outstanding.  It is spread out over the UNCC campus and features art and culture from many nations.

September is a great month here. Its still really warm but it usually feels great after a long hot summer.


















August 28, 2009


Looking forward to the Pow-Wow this weekend and the Motley Crue concert.  Two widely different events and both are incredibily close to our campground. Convenient to come in your motor home, RV, camper or tent and catch the shows. Its supposed to be really pretty this weekend.  Much cooler temps, lower humidity and only the chance of some pop-up showers! So get out and enjoy!

August 28, 2009


Looking forward to the Pow-Wow this weekend and the Motley Crue concert.  Two widely different events and both are incredibily close to our campground. Convenient to come in your motor home, RV, camper or tent and catch the shows. Its supposed to be really pretty this weekend.  Much cooler temps, lower humidity and only the chance of some pop-up showers! So get out and enjoy!