Roaul loves this dish.  Its a great way to warm up this chilly January.


Cyndi’s Shrimp Chowder

1 large sweet onion chopped and sautéed with olive oil or margarine

2 cans cream of potato soup (even better, make soup from scratch)

3 cups milk

1 pound small Shrimp cooked and peeled

(even better, use raw shrimp)

4 oz of Pepper Jack cheese or similar type

Spices to taste (salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, hot sauce, cayenne pepper,

Mexican blend spices, seasoned salt or other spices of your choice.)

Optional: Sauté celery or carrots with onions

Cheddar Cheese to garnish

Heat all ingredients except cheese and shrimp in large pot.  When heated through,

add cheese then cooked shrimp. (If using raw shrimp add it before cheese) Serve

shortly after adding cheese as it will stick to bottom of pot.  Add garnish and enjoy.