2 Fillets Swai

Slap Your Momma Spice blend

2 Peppers ( Red, Yellow or Orange)

2 Jalapeno Peppers

Olive Oil

Rinse fish in cool water, pat dry and let air dry while preparing other items.

Make a foil bag for each fish fillet. Turn all grill burners on to medium low.

Slice and deseed all peppers and cut into round slices.

Place 2-3 teaspoons olive oil into foil bag.

Put fish into bag and turn over to get oil onto both sides of fish.

Generously sprinkle spice blend on fish.

Place all peppers on top of fish.

Fold foil bag to seal.

Place fish on top rack ( the bread rack) with the either side down.

Cook for 25 minutes. Use care when removing. I open bag and drain off excess juices in a colander.

Serve with a microwave baked potato, guacamole and mixed vegetables cooked in a foil bag along with the fish.  Enjoy a healthy and delicious meal with little clean up!

No sides needed this time!

No sides needed this time!